Youth Basketball Rebounding Drills

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This DVD shows how to Implement a M2M Defensive System. Perfect for youth coaches of all experience levels, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. Close The Gate is a conceptual M2M team defensive system for youth boys & girls basketball based on a continuous ball/man relationship. In this DVD you will learn analogies, terminology and drills that will help kids more easily visualize and internalize M2M principles. Featuring Coaches Tony Huml, Pat Miller (UW-Whitewater) & Jack Bennett (formerly UW-Stevens Point).
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How To Win Basketball Games At Home

Confidence is the most important thing when playing any sport. If you do not have confidence, you will lose each and every time. It does not matter that one of the guys you are playing against is taller than you. All that matters is that you have confidence, and that you can take him on. Just tell yourself before you go out, “I will win today’s game.” After you say that, just keep believing in yourself, and before you know it, you will be the most confident you have ever been.
The jump shot is the most important thing for guys that are not tall. If you are not tall, having a great jump shot will win you games. Practice each and every day. If you have a goal in your driveway, practice for about an hour each day. If you do not have one, go to the local gym and practice there. The most important thing when playing basketball is practicing. If you want to win games, you cannot afford to be missing shots all the time. So, practice your jump shot and you will see yourself making it more and more. And before you know it, you will be scoring a lot of points against other teams, and everybody will want to pick you for their team.
Layups are very important. They are 99% guaranteed points(if you’re experienced of course). So, practice your lay-ups whenever you have free time. If you have free time, after practicing your jump shot, practice your layups. The bad thing about layups though, is that you will have to find a way to get to the basket first. So, whenever you play a game against another team, try to go around them the best way you can. If you need to see an example, watch some basketball highlights online. Many guys who are great superstars in the NBA are well-known for their layups. So, keep practicing your layups and you will soon be good in basketball.

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