Great Youth Basketball Shooting Drill and Coaching Material for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

Basketball coaches love this highly effective basketball drill video for teaching young players and beginners. The youth basketball drill from Alpha Youth Sports covers shooting reps, movements, passes and much more. Go through the age appropriate basketball drill to train your players the right way. Run this basketball drill for beginners as a competition for better results. Visit AYS for more shooting drills for young players and basketball coaching material.

2 Up Shooting Drill (Basketball Shooting Drill) Youth

Up 2 Shooting Drills,. Great drill that will be both competitive and get them focused on making big shots. Can be done with any size group.


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Basketball Drills for Youth, High School, AAU. These drill do not take many players or baskets. Good For all ages

Coaching Techniques – Announcing Three Important Tips For Better Coaching

What if you discovered about thrilling coaching techniques that provides you a chance to make massive income out of it?

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Step 1 – You should have faith in your clients.

It’s important that you show your faith in your clients if you want to become a successful coach in your niche.

Keep motivating them so they can give their best to achieve their business goals and work hard to perform each and every task.

You also need to know their strengths as well as weaknesses; it will help them to improve their knowledge and skills in their business.

Step 2 – Never predict anything.

It’s not a proper way that you predict that if your clients will follow your information then they will achieve a particular level of success.

Ask them what they want and how they are prepared to follow your instructions.

This will help you to determine about what kind of information you should provide them to get their desired results.

Step 3 – Make everything simple and easy.

If you want to speed up your training process for your clients then make your training sessions easy and simple for them.

Don’t give them only theoretical knowledge, but also show them visual examples on particular topic.

If you make your training program much easier then it will be helpful to your clients to apply the actions as quickly as you want.

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