Coaching Tip – Build Relationships

As I have matured as a coach, I’ve come to the realization that successful coaching is more about developing rapport and your relationship with the athletes as opposed to specific knowledge, or the “x’s and o’s.” Now don’t get me wrong, specific knowledge is important, but I know when I was just starting out I thought it was everything. I was always looking for the latest technique philosophies and cures for common errors.

I’ve come to realize that there are fundamental technical principals that need to be applied by all athletes, but every athlete not only will, but must develop their own individual style and application of the techniques. In order to facilitate that process it is important to develop an individual relationship with each athlete. This can be difficult to accomplish when working with a crew of 15 to 20 throwers, but definitely worth the effort.

I’ve had success by putting in place systems and plans that allow everyone to know what the expectations are for each practice. This way I can teach short lessons to the group, but then they break up into small groups and I can coach individuals. Is it critical to work with every athlete individually each day? No, but it is important that you recognize each thrower every day so that they don’t feel left out. While working with athletes individually, there is always a certain vocabulary , gestures, or cues that are unique to that athlete. Sometimes a simple greeting at the beginning of practice, or a visual cue from across the gym, or a specific point to focus on during the practice is all a thrower needs to have an effective practice and feel acknowledged by you the coach. This allows you to focus on a few individuals throughout the session, rotating time spent with each athlete through the week.

Dave Hahn’s athletes earned 30 All-American awards, 11 WIAC Conference Championships, and 7 National Championships during his 7 year coaching stint at UW-Whitewater. He has attended and spoken at numerous clinics and camps around the country.

Basketball Plays: HORNS Elbow Get

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Coach Bob Huggins and Dan Zangrilli recap the victory at Oklahoma and look ahead to Saturday’s matchup with Kansas State. The Men’s Basketball Playbook is presented by United Bank.

How To Avoid Bad Basketball Shoes

In our daily life, we are necessary to take certain exercise. Playing the basketball is the normal choice along with the young people. You need to have a pair of basketball shoes which is exceptional durability, support and stability and flexible. Different people need different type of basketball shoes, so the personal style of play is a very significant aspect to consider.

By some trained players choose basketball shoes is very strictly. Because the bad shoes may directly affect their match. Any particular type of foot can catch the right brand shoes in the High-tech polite society. And here are people who design their shoes to fit and make them comfortably just like the superstars at NBA.

Buying a nice basketball shoes is very significant that will help you to have a good sport. More and more styles of shoes available, and the consequences is increasing too. A number of shoes factors will disturb your score. Right research and plan your purchase is the crucial to get right shoes.

Hunger to own perfect basketball shoes you should think about the following suggestions.

A useful idea to select the last year fashion of shoes. The quality of earlier versions no of inferior quality than the new and the price are more cheaper. To get some further information through check out some malls and dates. You can get scores of discontinued shoes at the on line store and you can get more details through visit those sites.

Basketball is a enjoyable cardiovascular exercise that the weight of the shoe is very chief for the players. No doubt that while you are not running at a high pace you are moving on toes. As we known that the heavier shoes is make use high quality material. The reason why some people like to select the lighter shoes is that they will feel less restriction when playing or movement. The heavier shoe are made scientifically advanced and respond better to wear and tear so it usually heavier than other shoes.

Get a basketball shoe which fits to you can snugly around the widest part of your foot, the bridge and the heel. That can make you move freely and comfortably as soon as playing. More significant thing is that it will give you some leeway when you make a cut.

Numerous people seriously consider the shoes style. The suitably personal style and uniform will help you choose the more correct shoes. Choosing the good basketball shoes is a good way to keep your foot from injury.

Once you are going to a public park or a first class sports club, the shoes are going to get a well work. In the common sense people are always looking for quality brands and materials. Because they thought that it will stand up to all of the up and down the court action you are bound to encounter. A little expensive shoes will make you safe and it can last for several games.

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