Competitive Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice

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with Matthew Driscoll, University of North Florida Head Coach. On display are a series of 12 shooting drills to help develop your players into sharpshooters. These drills incorporate a variety of strategies that will challenge your players to hit shots under pressure.

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Jumping Workouts That Can Help You Dunk

Jumping workouts were specifically developed in order to increase a person’s vertical which is measured by how high a person can jump. This is why jump higher exercises were created although they are not necessarily alike. The one principal goal that they do share is that they help increase a person’s vertical. Jumping workouts such as Low Squat Ankle Jump, Power Skipping and Box or “4-star” drill are one of the most effective exercises that can efficiently increase a person’s vertical.

One of the most unique and effective basketball workouts that allow individuals to jump higher would be the Low Squat Ankle Jump. Start off by squatting down low. Stay on one’s toes without resting on the heels. Begin to bounce up and down with as much force as possible. This should be done while staying in the squat position and keeping the legs near the chest. Continue to do this exercise for a certain amount of repetitions and then rest. After resting, do this exercise again with additional counts.

Your next jump higher exercise is Power Skipping. This is a great way to relive one’s childhood games where one simply skips. The main difference would be the effort and speed that the person puts into this. Begin at the end and then push as hard as possible with one foot. You do this while shooting your other leg into the air at the same time. As much as possible, the knee should touch the chest. Continue on by alternating and repeating this move.

Another excellent jump higher exercise is the Box or “4-star” Drill. In this exercise, one will need sufficient space to create a box with each point spaced approximately two feet from one another. To begin, one must imagine four different points on the ground in front of them. This should form a square which should roughly be 2 feet apart. Next would be to number those points from one to four.

Begin by standing on number one. With feet both together, jump over to number two. Then you will stand on number 2 with both of your feet together and jump over to number 3. Do the next step similar to the first two. You should do your first set in a clock-wise direction then do your second set counter-clockwise. Once the person has gotten back to the original position, do as many repetitions as possible.

These are just some jumping workouts to help strengthen and develop the legs and calf muscles. This then leads to the increase of the vertical which gives the person the ability to jump higher. Be sure to follow and execute the exercises correctly and make it a point to always push the limits.

Everyone that has played basketball has dreamed of dunking the basketball. Just think how cool that would be. By adding 6″-10″ to your vertical leap you could be doing this every time you play. Do you need some Jumping Workouts? Check this out: Visit=> Jump Higher Basketball

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