Effective Practice Drills for Individual Skill Development

Legendary Junior College coach Steve Schmidt takes you inside a skill development session that has produced 16 All Americans and four National Players of the Year. Use this clip to work on skill development for individual players. Refine the skills your players need to take your team to the next level!

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Soccer Drill: Better Soccer Drills – Dribbling Drill #1


Better Soccer Drills: Dribbling drill with a 5 cone setup. This drill is designed to help you improve your ball control. This is a great drill to do to help you develop the ball control, that will enable you to dribble around your opponents in tight situations.

Do each drill 3 times through before moving on to the next.
Do them as fast as you can while still being under control.
Try to make sure to keep your head up as much as possible.
Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Workouts to Jump Higher – 5 Great Workouts to Jump Higher Today

Whether you are an aspiring NBA basketball player or a future Olympic hurdler, there are five core exercises that will tone your body to jump higher. You need to focus on strengthening explosive muscle – the kind that your body uses for short-term bursts of energy. These workouts to jump higher will gain you at least two inches of added jumping height within the next two weeks if done regularly.

Tip-toe jumps – Use a jump rope or jump in place while holding your calf muscles as taut as you are able. Practice jumping with wraparound weights on your ankles from time to time, but don’t use weights every time to avoid over-exerting your Achilles tendon.
Jumping squats – From a 90 degree angled (or deeper) squatting position, focus on pushing as hard off the ground as you are able into a jump. Try not to stand up before you jump, instead relying solely on your quadriceps.
Hanging heel raises – With your toes on the outside edge of a stair step, and your heels hanging over the edge, lift onto your toes and back down again for as long as you can without stopping. Let your heels drop even lower than horizontal to strengthen the opposing muscle group, the dorsi-flexors, at the same time.
Toe curls – Your toes are the last body part to leave the ground in a jump, and strong, flexible toes can gain you a couple more inches as you’re doing these workouts to jump higher. Separate, curl, and uncurl your toes as many times in a row as you are able to increase their ability to push you off the ground.
Short sprints – Practice 50 meter sprints several times during your workouts to jump higher. Sprinting will workout your entire body while improve your explosive force. Focus on pushing off the ground as quickly as you can when you start the sprint, and reach your maximum speed as fast as you are able.

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